Officially founded in 1988, Banif (or Banco Internacional do Funchal) quickly morphed and grew throughout the last three decades by concentrating in expanding its services to clients rather than taking a more linear approach.

Banif has become known for its wide variety of services which include but are not limited to housing loans for private clients as well as overdraft facilities for sole traders and small businesses. Banif had around 5,400 employees at the end of 2010.

Main office location

Avenida Jose Malhoa, 22, Piso 8,
Lisboa, 1099-012


Phone: +351 21 721 1200
Fax +351 21 721 1201

Banking codes

- Endereco Swift Funchal BNIFPTPLFUN - Endereco Swift Sfe BNIFPTPLSFE - Lisbon BNIFPTPL - Endereco Swift Porto BNIFPTPLOPO

1099-012, Av. José Malhoa 22, Lisboa, Portugal