Banco Finantia

Banco Finantia

Banco Finantia started its activities in 1987 as a part of a larger financial group. Later, in 1988, this group constitutes itself and finally obtains a banking license in 1992.

Banco Finantia has since then grown to absorb other banks such as Banco Esfinge in 2001.

The bank offers a complete series of services in private and corporate banking. Among their features is a benefit offered for term deposits guaranteeing up to 100,000 EUR compensation for each account holder.

According to, Banco Finantia had 242 employees as of the year 2015, which indicates a minimum baseline for the present considering the growing success of this relatively young bank.

Currently, the bank operates in Lisbon and Oporto with branches in both of these cities.

Main office location

Rua General Firmino Miguel, 5,
1600-100, Lisboa — Portugal


Phone: +531 21 720 2000
Fax: +351 21 726 5310

Banking codes

- Finantia Corretora BFIAPTPLCOR - Finantia International BFIAPTPLINT - Finantia Securities BFIAPTPLSEC - Finantia, 4th Lisbon Branch BFIAPTPL - Finantia Madeira Offshore BFIAPTPLSFE

1600-100 Lisboa, Portugal